MNC stock catapulted following KPI reprimand

MNC stock fell down 50 points in todays closing trade following sanction of KPI indonesian broadcasting commission. All MNC channels which are RCTI, GLOBAL, MNC,INEWS are remimded by KPI to publish pro public news not for the sake of certain people or group only.

All these 4 tv channels are cognized to always releasing the interest of perindo party ads which is owned by MNC chairman harry tanoe soedibjo.

In today market capital stock, MNC fell down 2.48 percent to Rp 1.970 per share. The weakening of MNC share is in contrast of stock index price movement which closed higher 22 points.

KPI reprimanded MNC to follow guidelines and standards on broadcasting. If ever such violation,KPI will send revocation to ministry of communication for MNC group.


Old trafford stadium to build in jakarta

Old trafford stadium to build in jakarta
Elected governor of jakarta anies baswedan confirmed to have prepared the plan for stadium in jakarta like old trafford of manchester united. Anies admitted to have uploaded the plan for stadium in his website which will spend trillions of money. 

After watching the game of persija jakarta vs barito putera in bekasi stadium on saturday april 22th, 2017 anies responded to the insist of persija supporters who demand the elected governor to fulfill his promise in his campaign building international stadium resembling old trafford of MU for jakarta football club persija. As for now, persija does not have stadium for national competition sponsored by gojek and traveloka.

Anies stated to still waiting for official proclaiming of his victory to build stadium of persija similar to old trafford.

Anies plan to shut down alexis hotel and timer bomb

Anies plan to shut down alexis hotel and timer bomb
Fulfilling the campaign before governor election of jakarta 2017, the winner anies baswedan is challenged by ahok who is his rival and fail for second tenure to fulfill his promise closing alexis hotel. 
Anies in press conference with media stating to ensure all his promises being fathomed by real discretion in the field including to close alexis hotel. previously during campaign this next jakarta governor pointing out that ahok has no courage to shut down alexis and only capable to terminate stadium bar. Meanwhile according to anies, alexis hotel nevertheless is well known as the center of prostitution in jakarta thus has to be closed. 

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After defeating in 2017 election, anies is demanded to fulfill his campaign propaganda about this well known hotel.Ahok on the other hand though is tough to illegal prostitution in jakarta but incapable to apply same rule on alexis hotel. 

The closing of alexis hotel is great challenge and capable to put anies fate at stake. As being recognized, alexis hotel is high class hotel presumably to engage also in high class prostitution of which its customers coming from high class level and probably from those elite in government and politics of the state. This might be the reason for Ahok did not intend to shut down alexis  since alexis itself is considerably a timer bomb. 

When the demand of alexis hotel close down was ever raised in ahok's era, there is also spread issue that hotel management also will promise to release record of CCTV to expose those high class and elites of alexis hotel. This is the ultimately bullet that will kill whoever, elites of parties, government, executive class who are presumed to be the loyal customers.

This is the ultimate challenge that tha plan of anies could be a boomerang for people around him also his unseen foes that will be a boomerang and risk chosen governor jakarta 2017-2022 at stake. Is anies to shut down alexis hotel??????

Pornographic photo of parliament member is being investigated by police

Polda metro jaya jakarta police officer investigated the pornographic photos of allegedly member of house representative that becomes trending topic of netter. 
Head of public relation jakarta police officer, large commissioner of police argo yuwono at polda metro jaya headquarters claiming to run investigation of the case. From the pictures caught by netter, the allegedly member of gerindra house representative involved in porn whim with a young woman. 

Polda metro jaya police officers also is waiting legal report from citizen and community while also looking for content spreader and allegedly suspect to be processed forward according to pornographic legal standing.
Some netter presumed that perpetrator is allegedly cousin of prabowo who is chairman of gerindra political party.

Ahok's devotee enliven city hall to support after failing in election of 2017

Ahok's devotee enliven city hall to support after failing in election of 2017
Conciding with kartini day yesterday april 21, 2017 ahok's lovers enliven city hall to support the governor who fail to beat his rival anies baswedan in 2017 governor election. Majority of supporters which are females brought bocquet  of flowers to support this phenomenal governor. Some of them even cried beside ahok and the vice governor jarot. Based on exit poll of election, ahok-jarot lack of 10% voters to win the election, while the rival anies won 58% of voters to grab the governor position from the incumbent.

The ruling issues as being talked in sosmed, ahok is assessed to withdraw from his position by july 2017 before the inauguration of new elected governor in october 2017. However, these best governor of jakarta declined the news stating the he will never plan to step down before the end of his term in october. 
" Ahok will never resign, I will still go forward till the end of term", he said in jakarta city hall.

Ahok devotees push the governor to place the foreign affair minister position after failing the election. Though the governor election was won by anies, many of his supporters ahok is still the best ever governor unfortunately issues of blasphemy against moslem religion terminating his step for second term. Ahok however responded easily saying that he never thinks such position. Further he said to spend the years afterward with his family, selling the islands he owns, lands and probably staying overseas. Ahok also admitted to have been offered for jobs with promising salary much more than he earns from being jakarta governor.


This Man plants marijuana to save his wife's life

This Man plants marijuana to save his wife's life
The man named fidelis in borne was caught by national narcotic agency for planting 100 marijuana trees. Fidelis is an public officials, an english teacher who married to yeni his wife and has 2 children. 

The beginning fidelis story planting marijuana started with his wife who was diagnosed of having syrongomyelia, a disease having cysts in the spine. According to doctor, the only medical action is to perform operation splitting cysts from spine. However, various of medical treatment, therapeutic did not make yeni cured of his disease. 

Fidelis thus made a research in internet and finding out the same cases being afflicted by a woman in canada. To save the life, the canadian use extract of marijuana regularly. Without being noticed even by his family, fidelis planted marijuana and use the extract for his wife medication. Regularly, his wife started to show good health improvement before the national narcotic agency caught him and filing for illegal act. Meanwhile several supports addressed to fidelis for his courage to help his wife and likewise becoming medical consideration how to use marijuana as medicine.

Another coup mission of Ahok protesters was detected by the Police

Another coup mission of Ahok protesters was detected by the Police
The several rallies protesting against incumbent jakarta governor Ahok to step down coming from some some islamic extreme groups alluding the alleged blasphemed speech of ahok few months ago in Kepulauan seribu islands. 

What becomes interesting, the indonesian police officers always caught the alleged actors of coup from at least two latest rallies made. The first one, the police arrested almost 7 involved activists including the daughter of late president soekarno rachmawati who are strongly claimed to force Jokowi step down. 
In march 31,2017 the coordinator of rally Al-khatthath also was arrested by police early in the morning before the rally was held in kempinski hotel. Within Al-khatath was seized by the police the amount of money Rp 180 million which was admitted by him to be distributed to the orators of rally. 

In their press conference, the police is confident that Al-khattath is presupposed to plan for a coup against jokowi. Thus protesting Ahok is only a jumping stone which is prepared by al khatath and his companion to dethrone jokowi after the local election.
According to the police, Al-khatath prepared Rp 3 billion to dropping president jokowi. 

There are some interesting facts behind series of rallies to jail Ahok

First, some main actors behind rallies made are entrapped by series of scandals. Starting from chairman of islamic defendant front(FPI) chairman rizieq sihab who is hampered by issue of sex scandal toward firza husein. What was done by habib rizieq reaped pro and cons and ever became the trending topic discussed in entire country. However, it is still not evident if rizieq involved or not. 

Second, another young famous ustad, orator in rally ustad al habsy also has to face divorce after the sex scandal he made was caught by his wife through cellular phone. He has engaged in relationship abuse for 5 years without being known by his wife. 

Third, Al-khattnah who is the general secretary of indonesian moslem forum(FUI) and also coordinator of 313 rally was caught in luxurious hotel and cash money Rp 180 million with him. 

Aims of rally

As being addressed in rallies the main demand is to enjail jakarta governor Ahok for his blasphemy allegedly diregarding almadiah in his speech. However, from some cases being exposed by police, the other ultimate mission of rallies is to set a coup against jokowi. 

Jokowi and his  governance

Jokowi is being loved by indonesian citizen first of all because of his real infrastructure and other public policy that will raise the dignity of country in international level. In his hand, indonesia is started to be the next other powerful country of the world. Jokowi is the envy of pro corruption, neighbor countries, and other political elite who work for their own interests. However, phenomenal playing chess strategy of jokowi has been killing his opponent unconciously.